Terms and conditions


Ambroise Dubois, Royal Road, St-Malo, Baie du Tombeau 21733, Mauritius
Telephone: +23052517667 / Email: [email protected]
Hereinafter referred to as the Lessor ,
acceptor ,
Hereinafter referred to as the Lessee.

The parties agree that the rental covered by these presents is a seasonal rental, for residential use only. The Lessor declares to be the owner of the accommodation and to have free and full enjoyment during the rental period defined herein. The Lessor may prove ownership of his property by providing the supporting documents requested by the Lessee.

According to the announcement
• Web page of the announcement: https://www.villa-mauridul.com • Type of accommodation: Residential • Address of accommodation: Villa Mauridul , Royal Road, St-Malo, Baie du Tombeau 21733, Mauritius
• GPS coordinates: - 20.1121221, 57.5038149
the lessee undertakes to accept the furnished building as described above.
Without complaint within 24 hours of taking possession of the premises, the tenant is deemed to have received them in good condition and in accordance with the inventory.

The property is rented for the maximum number of people indicated when booking. The Lessee expressly undertakes not to exceed this number without the owner's authorization. If the number of tenants exceeds the capacity, the owner can refuse the additional people. Any modification or termination of the contract will be considered at the customer's initiative.

According to the period determined between the Lessor and the Lessee, any renewal of the lease being excluded.


Arrival: From 2 p.m.
Departure : Between 4:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m.
The taking possession of the rented premises will be the subject of a prior agreement in order to define the time.
Possibility to come before 2:00 p.m. or leave after 10:00 a.m. on request and according to our availability


The rates indicated on our site include the entire rental period. The rent includes, for the entire duration of the rental, the payment of all rental charges. It also includes: tourist tax, end of stay cleaning, air conditioning in the rooms, hot and cold water, electricity, gas, wifi and your additional services. A mini safe sealed in the wall is available for the duration of this contract.                                                                                                                                      

The telephone is the responsibility of the Lessee, (villa telephone: +230 247 14 91)

The reservation becomes effective when the tenant has sent the owner a deposit according to the conditions of sale defined and the acceptance of the rental contract. Any reservation becomes final only after payment, subject to collection, of the deposit or deposit according to the terms of payment according to the conditions of sale.

A deposit as a deposit must be in the possession of the lessor no later than 7 days after the acceptance of the said contract. Failing this, the lessor reserves the right to dispose of the premises.

Payment accepted:
• Payment by credit card
• Payment by bank transfer


A guaranteed security deposit of 300.-€ must be paid when the tenant arrives. Depending on your method of payment, it will be payable in cash for payments by bank transfer or by borrowing on your card for payments by credit card. The security deposit intended to cover any rental damage. Are included as rental damage, all damage, damage to the accommodation, as well as damage, loss or theft caused to movable property furnishing the accommodation, during the rental period. In the absence of rental damage, the security deposit will be destroyed or returned to the Lessee within a maximum period of 7 days after his departure. In the event of the existence of rental damage, the security deposit will be paid back within a maximum period of 2 months, the expenses incurred in repairing the damage suffered deducted, justification and invoices in support.

The Lessor and the Lessee define the terms and conditions for handing over the following keys:                                                                  Handing over the keys to the Lessee on arrival: Taking possession of the rented premises will be subject to a prior agreement in order to define the time. The tenant will find the keys with the lessor at the same address as the Bungalow next door. According to a prior agreement in order to define the time.
Delivery of the keys to the Lessor on departure: According to a prior agreement in order to define the time

The available inventory will be recognized by the tenant on his arrival. He will take all responsibility and precaution necessary to avoid damage of all kinds (water , electricity, etc.). He undertakes to cover the costs resulting from negligence on his part or that of the other occupants of the bungalow. The Lessee undertakes to pay, in addition to the rental, any object lost, destroyed, damaged or stolen.


The Lessee will make peaceful use of the rented accommodation. He will maintain the rented accommodation and make it clean. He will have to respect the neighborhood, as well as the internal regulations of the building. He undertakes to make normal and reasonable use of the means of comfort (heating, air conditioning, water, etc.), as well as the equipment (household appliances, multimedia, kitchen, etc.) made available to him. He is prohibited from making a copy of the keys provided by the Lessor. He undertakes to inform the Lessor as soon as possible of any breakdown, damage, incident or malfunction. The Lessee is responsible for the use of the internet access made available to him during the rental period.


The Lessor undertakes to maintain the rental covered by this contract in a satisfactory state of maintenance, cleanliness and safety. He undertakes to notify the Lessee as soon as possible of any modification beyond his control that is likely to modify the comfort or disturb the enjoyment of the rented property (nuisance, breakdown of equipment, etc.). In the event that a device or material having a major influence on the Lessee's comfort were to fail, the Lessor undertakes to implement the means allowing repair or replacement as soon as possible. He must ensure that the Lessee benefits from full enjoyment of the leased property, over the period. He will see to the handing over of the keys. He will refrain from disturbing the comfort or tranquility of the Lessee for the duration of the stay.

If the Lessee unilaterally renounces the rental, the terms According to the conditions of the selected rate will be applied.
If the cancellation occurs after the date provided for according to the conditions or if the Lessee does not take possession of the rented premises or only partially occupies them, he will be required to pay the full rental price provided for in this contract, without being able to claim any reduction.

Cancellation insurance can also be taken out by the tenant.

In the event of breach by the Lessee of one of its contractual obligations, this lease will be automatically terminated. This termination will take effect after a period of 48 hours after a simple summons by e-mail remained unsuccessful.

If the Lessor unilaterally terminates the contract for any reason other than non-performance of the Lessee's contractual obligations, he must :
• Reimburse the deposit as well as all sums paid as soon as possible in the event of force majeure making rental impossible.

15a . The Lessee is responsible for the rented premises throughout the duration of this contract. He has the obligation to inform the lessor or his representative of all the repairs to be made. He exposes himself to the payment of costs for work ordered without the knowledge of the lessor.

15b . On his departure, the Lessee must leave clean and tidy dishes and deposit rubbish (in plastic bags) in the places provided for this purpose. The tenant will announce his departure at least one day in advance. He is required to report any damage caused during his stay. The cost of repairing or replacing damage or breakages discovered after his departure will be charged to him.

15c . The premises are rented for residential purposes, to the exclusion of any other use; the Lessee cannot sublet them or assign his lease without the authorization of the Lessor.

15d . The Lessor is not responsible for the irregularity of the water, lighting, gas, wifi etc. services, and generally declines any responsibility for lack of enjoyment not resulting from its fault. In the event of a technical problem, on the leisure equipment (swimming pool, etc.), the owner would be held responsible and no refund will be made.

15e  . The Lessor reserves the right to visit or have people visit the rented premises at any time.

15f . The Lessee will comply with the House Rules and the Police Rules.

15g . The presence of pets in the accommodation is strictly prohibited, whatever its duration, except with the express and written authorization of the Lessor.

15h . The apartment is non-smoking inside.

15i . Parties are prohibited unless expressly authorized by the Lessor.

The Lessee indicates that it has insurance covering rental risks. A copy of the insurance policy may be requested by the Lessor from the Lessee when booking or entering the premises. Property and furniture insurance is the responsibility of the lessor, while that of personal effects and Lessee's furniture is at his expense.

This contract constitutes an acknowledgment of debt for the amount of the rental as well as all sums due by the tenant under the provisions it contains.

For the execution of these presents, the Lessor and the Lessee elect domicile in their respective domiciles, indicated at the top of these presents. However, in the event of a dispute, the court of the domicile of the Lessor shall have sole jurisdiction. This contract is subject to the law of the Republic of Mauritius.